Saturday April 7: Alex Boardman, Paul Myrehaug, Roughead and Cook

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Alex Boardman

Alex Boardman is now one of the most sought after acts in the country due to his ability to interact with any audience and to seemingly conjure something out of nothing.

Big gags, big laughs.

Paul Myrehaug (canada)

A Canadian lunatic.

At our club, we love two things, Canadians and lunatics. 

Paul is going to be very happy he came.

Roughead and Cook

In the middle, Roughead and Cook

And possibly other stuff.

If you've been before you'll know the middle is the bit where pretty much anything goes, new things we have come up with, things to make the night stand apart from a "normal" comedy club night.

Always chaotic, always fun, always amazed that we get away with it.